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SensIt performs sensitivity analysis on your worksheet what-if model and creates simple plots, spider charts, and tornado charts.

SensIt creates tornado charts for both one-way and two-way sensitivity analysis.

In a decision situation, sensitivity analysis helps you determine which of your input assumptions are critical so that you know where to focus your effort for gathering more information or reducing uncertainty.

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  • Save time by using SensIt to automate your what-if sensitivity analysis.
  • Two ways to run SensIt: quick launch for temporary use, or permanent installation.
  • Identify which of your model’s input assumptions are critical.
  • Use SensIt spider charts to identify nonlinear relationships.
  • Decide which inputs require probability distributions for subsequent Monte Carlo simulation using SimVoi.
  • Use SensIt’s tables and charts to explain your analysis to clients and colleagues.

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How It Works

  • Create a what-if spreadsheet model,
  • identify the input cells containing assumptions (e.g., variable cost, demand, etc.),
  • specify a range for each input value,
  • identify the output cell containing the performance measure (e.g., annual profit), and
  • for an XY plot, press Option+Command+p (Mac Excel 2011) or Control+Shift+P (Excel 2010 & 2013 & 2016),
  • for a tornado or spider chart, press Option+Command+s (Mac Excel 2011) or Control+Shift+S (Excel 2010 & 2013 & 2016).

SensIt performs single-factor and two-factor sensitivity analysis by automatically varying the input values, tabulating the corresponding output values, and creating tornado and spider charts.

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SensIt Spider Chart


SensIt Many Inputs Dialog Box

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